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Gynofit eliminates itching, burning, discharge, odour and dryness


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“The gentle, simple and effective answer”
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The gentle, simple, effective answer to a widespread problem- itching, discharge, odour in the vaginal area, vaginal dryness

  • gynofit healthy vaginaGentle but effective
  • With a natural basis (lactic acid and glycerin)
  • Restores the vaginal climate to the natural balance
  • Free of irritating chemicals (no preservatives)
  • Up-to-date presentation and packaging
  • Very simple, practical application


The answer which genuinely satisfies women’s needs

gynofit good vaginal health

  • Countless adult women are finding they simply cannot cope with their normal problems of intimate hygiene, such as bacterial dryness and oversensitivity as well as bacterial vaginosis.
  • Yet they avoid the expense and effort of an appointment with a gynaecologist and prefer not to use prescription medicines immediately. They carry out expensive and unsuccessful experiments with bifidus yoghurt and similar well-intentioned advice from friends.
  • They find the outer and inner vaginal area a physically and psychologically highly sensitive, susceptible region which they wish to interfere with as little as possible and protect from contact with anything irritating.
  • The medical problem itself is in fact neither threatening nor dangerous. The psychological strain and loss of quality of life including sex life are, however, subjectively often found to be very great and distressing.


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